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Welcome to the next generation of electronic media where words are simply not enough. We are SYMBS and we are revolutionizing communication worldwide with our revolutionary, Super icon™ based language systems that allow you to convert ordinary words into customized, graphically rich, function-filled, pictorial based symbols that we've dubbed "SYMBs."

Once created, SYMBS icons can be inserted into any SYMBS Enabled Communications Network worldwide where they utilize word recognition technology to effectively replace select keywords in everyday conversation. This patent-pending technique transforms everyday dialog into visually stunning SYMBphonies of conversation that are "like music to your eyes."



But as they say, “it’s what’s on the inside that counts” and these graphically rich SYMBs are filled with our patent-pending SUPER ICON” technology that allows users to define their own words and visual references while also embedding an array of customized multimedia, data and unique functionality into each and every SYMB - all of which resides just a click away. The result, is a rich multimedia experience with a multifunctional, visually appealing, one-touch, super icon that can effectively replace any word, in any language, within today’s most popular forms of electronic media and communications networks, including web, blogs, news, instant messaging, texting, emailing, chatting, and much more. By effectively replacing keywords in these communication


networks, SYMBS technology unleashes your most important information to your audience at the precise moment that they are talking about you and your products. Can your billboard or tv commercial do that?

SYMBS technology engages your audience in a way that no other form of media can and empowers consumers with an arsenal of unique functionality that encourages interaction and growth with your brand, products and services in much deeper, non intrusive manner than is currently being seen in electronic advertising today.

The world is ready. Are you?